Hi, we’re CAS. We enjoy shaping the future together. Now, that’s a bold statement right? Exciting? Yes. A big challenge? Yes. Which is why we need open-minded people like you, people who want to be part of something big, people with values, creativity and skills. If this speaks to you, then you are in the right place.

The 21st Century is taking us to another level technologically. Just think about data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, or blockchain technology. The challenge is to align these amazing new technologies with our ethics while satisfying our requirements for freedom and equality. Not easy, but if it was easy everyone would be doing it.

Rise to the challenge: Create something from which your friends, family, society or environment as a whole can benefit. You decide which problems to solve. The biggest hurdle isn´t technological, but rather finding ways to accommodate these human issues while maintaining ethical values, responsibility and sustainability. Show us what you can do: Build an app, a website, an integrated service or anything else that you think might help.


Grand Prize: 1500€

Judging Criteria

How do we measure success? We’re not looking for perfection. You don’t need to produce a finished and highly polished solution. Remember: Done is better than perfect. You can win our hearts and the prize by developing a stunning prototype, a creative concept or even a breakthrough idea using the right mindset. Starting right is key, so if you need any help at all, for example, in finding the right idea, feel free to drop by our booth during the Hacktival at ZKM. It’s time to let those creative juices flow, so get busy and good luck!