Target group: Geoinformaticians, Data Scientists, Architects, Designers, all


LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is an optical remote sensing technique in which laser light is used for dense scanning of the earth’s surface and high-precision X, Y and Z measurements are obtained. LIDAR technology is used in a wide range of applications from autonomous driving to the design of 3D city models.

Recently, LIDAR data in various resolutions has become freely available in NRW and Thuringia. A particular challenge is the extraction of geometrically correct objects from these data sets, such as roof shapes, vegetation, bridges, or power lines. This is relevant for applications such as energy planning, environmental monitoring, building and city modelling, urban planning or disaster management.


Get creative and get the most out of LIDAR data sets. Develop routines to identify objects, settlements or cities; create visualizations and models; link your objects with other freely available data and, last but not least, tell us HOW and for WHOM your development can be valuable (don’t hesitate to design a business case for us). Machine learning approaches are particularly suitable, but knowledge of geoinformation systems (GIS), architecture, design or urban planning or other potential user perspectives is also helpful.

Data sets


The winning team members will each receive 1 iPad and will be invited to EIFER’s “Smart City Lab” as an occasion to exchange with scientific experts and explore further developments of their project.

Fokus.energie Prize

The winning team will get from fokus.energie a professional day training on business development within the program TEAM DEVELOPMENT powered by AXEL – The Energy-Accelerator.

Judging Criteria

We’ll be looking at your ideas from four different angles:

  1. technical innovation & creativity
  2. execution & polish
  3. business model & value generation
  4. communication & pitch

For further insight on these criteria, technical support and any other question, we’ll be happily at your disposal at our booth.

Further information