by Nino Alonso (HfG Karlsruhe), Leander Kurscheidt (ML-KA)


Are you tired of creating short-lived hackathon projects? This challenge is part of a future art-installation and certainly not an easy task.


The specific usage of german language in the area of public institutions such as job centers or insurance companies is a widespread rhetoric. This rhetoric, in german scientifically known under the term „Verwaltungssprache” (language of officialdom), is commonly used for letters. Practically, it is the method and tool for institutions to organize and communicate issues and problems with their clients.

The aim of the art project is a transformation of a dataset of documents into a trained artificial intelligence communicating in „Verwaltungssprache“. The generated text appears in an official letter, printed in random patterns to camouflage common office objects. Finally, the objects will be presented in an installation to become a visual room of melting shapes immersed in documents. Together with a large projection of various documents a voice reads the fictional letters with requirements to the recipients, who can move freely through the room. In the long run, an own, collected dataset of real documents will improve the the trained model.

Your Task


Our tasks main body of work is the automatic text generation of bureaucratic letters in the “Verwaltungssprache”. The generated output should be used as random patterns in the art installation, printed by hydrography onto common office objects. Every team submitting in our category has to provide some solution to this problem. We try our best to assist you in this challenge and provide possible training-data, pre-trained models and a small kickoff-presentation.


Furthermore, we want to challenge you and your team to come up with possible extensions of the system. From an interesting text-to-speech implementation to an interface for scanning and submitting personal documents, it’s up to you to convince us with the right idea!

We have compiled some possible extensions:

Judging Criteria

Don’t sweat it, the projects don’t need to be perfect. Your results get judged according to:

Required Task

Optional Task


It doesn’t look like we could provide any prize money. But the winner’s work will be part of the artwork and will be honored by name. If the artwork is placed with the work of your group at a festival, for example, you have the opportunity to participate. We hope to be able to place the installation at a more influential festival and thus generate relevant reach.